Top 5 Hot Springs in California

1. Wild Willy’s Hot Spring

Wild Willy’s is one of numerous unspoiled, picturesque springs sprinkled around the Mammoth Lakes region and is one of the most easily accessible natural hot springs in California. Wild Willy’s hot spring has two separate pools that are roughly 50 feet apart. The larger pool is approximately 10 feet wide and 3 feet deep, with enough room for at least ten people. The temperature ranges between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Wild Willy’s is a public mineral spring that is not for profit. There is no charge to visit the hot springs. Remember to bring a towel and pick up your trash because the hot springs are not maintained.

2. Esalen Hot Springs

The Esalen Institute and Hot Springs, nestled between majestic mountains and the Pacific, offers a really unique experience. Meditation sessions, massage treatments, and spring-fed hot tubs set over a rough beach cove are all popular at this Big Sur resort. Esalen is much more than just a hot springs resort; it is an experience to obtain, grow one’s soul, and remember for the rest of one’s life. Choose between calm and silent tubs and relax while listening to the thundering surf below and the stars above.

3. Vichy Springs

The resort is located in Mendocino County’s picturesque countryside and boasts North America’s only naturally warm, carbonated waters. The mineral concentration of the water is virtually equal to that of Vichy, France’s famous waters. Vichy Springs has several mineral baths, both outdoors and indoors. A big, spring-fed and spring-heated swimming pool, as well as a non-heated olympic-sized swimming pool, are available. Overall, Vichy is one of the oldest and most popular hot springs in Northern California.

4. Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is little over an hour outside of Los Angeles, making it quite accessible to those who live in or around the city, as well as those who are simply passing through. At this garden-like hot springs resort, you’ll never run out of things to do. Daily courses, private cabins, and various pools are just a few of the amenities available at this popular spot. It’s one of California’s most peaceful, enjoyable, and distinctive hot spring retreats, and it’s a great choice for the whole family or a romantic trip for two.

5. Beverly Hot Springs Spa

Beverly Hot Springs Spa, Los Angeles’ only natural hot springs spa, offers geothermal, warmed waters that were found by accident by oil drillers all the way back in the 1920s. Today, you may relax in a hot pool or take a cool plunge while getting massages and body treatments. It is quite popular with individuals who want to relax and enjoy the benefits of a full-service spa and hot springs while getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re a Southern California resident, it’s one of the most convenient hot springs you can find.