Top 5 Bike Trails in Ohio

Top 5 Bike Trails in Ohio  

  • The Little Miami Scenic Trail

The Little Miami Scenic Trail, the apex of Ohio rail-trails, extends over 78 miles from Cincinnati’s suburbs to Springfield’s historic sites, passing through various state parks, attractive little villages, and historic sites. The trail begins southeast of Cincinnati and heads north, passing via the Armleder Park Trail and the Lunken Airport Bike Path along the way. The 127-acre Clear Creek Park is one of several spots to stop and rest in the next few kilometers. You’ll arrive at Caesar Creek State Park after passing through Terrace Park, Loveland, and Morrow, which offers over 70 miles of hiking trails and canoe rentals.

  • Holmes County Trail 

The Holmes County Path was the first recreational path in the United States to be designed to allow Amish horse-drawn buggies, which are common along the trail. It’s in northeastern Ohio, in the center of the Amish heartland of the state. The southern part, which runs for 7.3 miles between Gann and Glenmont, and the northern half, which runs for 15.8 miles from Killbuck to Fredericksburg, are now separated. The western trailhead in Gann is connected to the Mohican Valley Trail for an additional 4.8 miles into Danville via the Mohican Valley Trail.

  • Mitchell Memorial Forest

The trails at Mitchell Memorial Forest aren’t as extensive as those in other regions, but they were planned with mountain bikers in mind. Hikers and runners are welcome on these trails, so keep an eye out as you blast down these very exciting paths. There are some tricky sections, and the terrain is steep enough to tempt more experienced riders while being accessible to those who are still learning. When you go out, just be nice to other riders and users.

The path flows beautifully despite the rocks, and you can set up to carve some quick bends. Once you’ve completed the circle, return to A Loop and take a left to get a terrific downhill run. The ride finishes back at the parking lot.

  • Mohican Mountain Bike Trail

Though the mountain biking path is the main draw, there are plenty of other things to do at Mohican State Park if you spend the weekend there. The bike track is a highly famous and well-known circle, therefore it may be busy despite its distance from a large metro center. Though this excellent and flowing singletrack is a blast to ride, keep in mind that it is open to both pedestrian and horse traffic, so be mindful of your surroundings and yield appropriately. Although there aren’t many technical problems on this trail, the duration and some of the high hills make it a hard grade.

  • The Western Reserve Greenway

The Pennsylvania Railroad’s historic branch line is closely followed by the Western Reserve Greenway, which stretches 43 miles across rural Ohio and finishes just shy of Lake Erie’s shore. The 110-mile Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway, which will extend south to East Liverpool’s Ohio River banks, currently includes the route. From the northern trailhead in Ashtabula, trail hikers will cross the historic King Bridge over Clay Street and go to Austinburg. South of Austinburg, the route’s bucolic settings allow opportunities to see a variety of animals, beavers, and birds.