Top 5 Hot Springs in Alaska

1. Chena Hot Springs

The Chena hot springs in Alaska are the most well-known and frequented of the state’s hot springs. It’s around 57 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska’s golden heartland metropolis. Chena Hot Springs became famed for its capacity to relieve aches and pains over time. Throughout the year, it maintains a temperature of around 106°F and a depth of around four feet. Chena Hot Springs Resort welcomes day tourists as well as overnight visitors, whether you’re planning a fast day trip or a lengthy weekend of healing and decompression. Overall, Chena is the most convenient and popular hot springs in the entire state of Alaska, which makes it a must-visit spot if you’re nearby!

2. Chief Shakes Hot Springs

Chief Shakes Hot Springs is a free day-use facility in Southeast Alaska that has become a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. The Ketili River runs through the area, which is surrounded by the Tongass National Forest. It has two distinct redwood tubs, one shielded from the weather and the other open to the elements. Outhouses, benches, and dressing rooms are also available for your convenience. If you go on weekends, plan for a full day of fun and be prepared for crowds.

3. Goddard Hot Springs

Goddard Hot Springs is located approximately 45 minutes south of Sitka, Alaska, in a stunning natural setting. A boat or a float aircraft can get you to the region. Two bathhouses, an outhouse, and boardwalks provide convenient access to the property. Relax in an abundance of naturally hot water that averages 153 degrees while taking in breathtaking sights.

4. Tenakee Hot Springs

Since the 1930s, the city and a volunteer group have owned and administered this unique and crucial edifice, which is free and available to locals, loggers, fisherman, miners, and anybody else who wants to bathe in a long, hot bath. It is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to visitors wanting a relaxing soak in its hot spring spa. Because of its mineral-rich makeup, the water has a pH of 105 and is both self-cleaning and therapeutic.

5. Manley Hot Springs

Manley hot springs is a delightful refuge in the woods, located at the end of Elliot Highway, which begins in Fox town. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you travel through mountains and valleys originally explored by gold miners over a century ago. Guests may bath in the geothermal water piped from the source for a little charge while surrounded by a cornucopia of fruits, veggies, and flowers for a small cost.            Due to that, Manley offers one of the most unique hot spring experiences in Alaska.