1. Quinn’s Hot Spring Resort

Quinn’s Hot Spring Resort brings together the unbearable lightness of high temparature soaking with luxury accomodation. Located in western Montana, this is one of the most popular hot springs on our list. The location is central enough which makes the spot quite easy to access.

There are multiple pools, all of them regularly cleaned and sanitized. The temperature among the pools varies, so you can switch around from hot to cold weather or vice versa. The food and the alcohol menü at the lodge is excellent, and the rooms are extremely comfortable for groups of all sizes.

There are spots available near the hot spring where you can do horseback riding or hiking. Fishing is also another option available here.

  • Chico Hot Springs

Chico is among the most visited hot springs in Montana, and for good reason. The place was established almost a century ago and is managed by a caring organization. The place offers clean hot springs for soaking, as well as high-quality accommodation with fine dining. There are visitors coming here specifically to enjoy the restaurant. It should be noted that the place is around an hour drive away from Bozeman.

Within the facility you can take a horseback riding tour or hike around while admiring the natural beauties. For an alternative, after spending some time here, you can take a drive to the Yellowstone National Park.

  • Bozeman Hot Springs

This hot spring resort west of Bozeman has 12 pools with varying temperature degrees and with both indoor and outdoor options. There also other options such as swimming pools, sauna, and live music outdoors for you to enjoy while swimming.

There is also a gym and a spa available. For such reasons, Bozeman attracts many visitors, especially at the weekends. To avoid crowds, you can choose to visit during the week or early in the morning at the weekend.

  • Elkhorn Hot Springs

Elkhorn Hot Springs is a small yet well-known spot near the Idaho border. Located in the spectacular Pioneer Mountains, the drive to this place is a pure joy. You can choose to stay overnight or just enjoy the water for a day. The cabins can accommodate up to 10 people. The fee for adults is just around 10 dollars (although this may have changed).

What makes Elkhorn Hot Springs special is that their water is entirely chemical-free. The high temperatures are achieved solely through natural geothermal activity.

  • Norris Hot Springs

Norris Hot Springs is about an hour away from the town of Bozeman. It lies along the Madison River and is quite accessible and therefore very popular. The pool here is cleaned and refilled every night. The whole process is natural with no chemicals involved. What makes the pool even more enjoyable is the stage right next to it, where live music is played at the weekend.

The resort also includes a campground where you can set up your tents or camp with your RVs. The resort is quite enjoyable year-round but we recommend visiting the place in spring or in summer.