1. Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs is located at the geographic center of Nevada and is approximately 3 hours from Reno. Spencer Hot Springs is one of the most popular springs in the state. This is hardly unexpected given the springs’ proximity to Las Vegas.

Spencer Hot Springs has four source pools, ensuring a location for you and your group. These springs are first-come, first-served, so people who wish to soak may have to wait for others to depart first.

After you’ve had your fill of soaking, spend the night camping here for free or just wandering around, discovering the natural beauties surrounding the water.

  • Gold Strike Hot Springs

The Gold Strike Hot Spring is an excellent choice for those looking to go on a walk while also relaxing in a hot spring. Gold Strike is the only public hot spring in the state’s southern side, located approximately an hour outside the Strip on the outskirts of Boulder City.

The hot spring is fairly difficult to find and will take several hours to arrive. The scrambling will be worthwhile once you reach the Gold Strike Hot Springs. Relax in the natural spa, where water seeps through fractures in the granite canyon walls.

  • Alkali Hot Springs

The Alkali Hot Springs, located in a rural location of western Nevada, are made up of rock-walled rustic baths where tourists may bathe and relax in warm waters. Because the hot springs are fairly isolated and there are no inhabited cities nearby, you will most likely encounter no people and have the entire site to yourself.

The temperature of the two rustic pools may be readily regulated because they are manufactured with hoses and pipes. Camping is permitted, however there are no restrooms and you must remove all of your stuff when you leave.

  • Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Fish Lake Valley, popular among ATVers and RV campers, is one of the few hot springs in the state that provides amenities such as fire pits. Fish Lake Valley, located in the midst of Nevada’s Great Basin, contains a big concrete hot pool and two natural warm ponds.

This site is magnificent due to the undulating scenery. These stunning views are one of the reasons why travelers from all around flock to this hot spring. Apart from the hot spring, the Fish Lake Valley region offers chances for animal observation, fishing, and camping.

  • Soldier Meadows Hot Springs

Soldier Meadows is located in northern Nevada, just north of the famed Black Rock Desert. Soldier Meadows Hot Springs are one of Nevada’s most secluded hot spring locales, providing a perfect vacation and a quick escape.

Soldier Meadows’ several natural pools are next to hundreds of paths and rivers, and it’s a terrific area to spend a few nights. There are several free camping areas accessible.