1. Evans Plunge

Evans Plunge, which was established in 1890, has now grown into a tourist destination brimming with exciting activities such as hot tubs, a sauna, slides, water volleyball equipment, and, of course, numerous naturally warmed pools.

This facility is ideal for families seeking for the entire package. There are pools both indoors and outside. Evans Plunge also provides food and refreshments during your stay. They make health a priority by providing a variety of nutritious meal alternatives.

  • Moccasin Springs

This spa is located in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota and is the ideal vacation spot to relax and explore outdoors. It is located in Hot Springs, a town famed for its sandstone architecture and pure natural setting.

Indoor amenities include a sauna, yoga sessions, and a restaurant. You may also swim in the outdoor pools.

This lovely location will leave you with a sense of tranquility in your head, with hillside views from the Hot Pools while soaking your body’s aches and pains away.

  • Cascade Falls

The gorgeous and somewhat remote Cascade Falls is one of the more appealing spots to go for a swim in South Dakota. The water doesn’t move rapidly here, and it’s the only suggested swimming site in the creek, making it great for families. The caveat is that the water at this natural spring is not particularly warm.

Cascade Falls is a must-see for anybody looking to connect with nature, owing to the soothing falls and harmonious birdsong you’ll hear from your vantage position in the water. The location is about a fifteen-minute drive from the town of Cascade.

  • Fall River

One of the nicest things about Hot Springs is that the Fall River; the river is fed by warm springs and flows straight through the town. It literally brings the hot spring to the town of Hot Springs. The mile-long paved Freedom Trail connects two municipal parks, Centennial Park and Brookside Park, and runs beside the river.

That means you can enjoy a picnic on the river’s banks, get some sunlight, and play around with the kids in one of the river’s shallower portions for a memorable day out.

  • Stroppel Hotel and Mineral Baths

Established back in 1940s, this wonderful spot provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and allows you to soak in almost century-old hot springs. The hotel is considered historic and offers two baths to bath in, as well as private rooms for those looking to accommodate. This calming hotel is often preferred by couples and families for special occasions.

Here everyone can enjoy mineral waters in a clean and decent hotel with good and caring management and staff. The hotel isn’t very large, but it has everything you need.