Top 5 Pizza Places in Denver

  1. Marco’s Coal-Fired
    Marco’s is the only VPN-certified pizzeria in Denver, according to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The pies on the menu are separated into two categories: New York style and classic Napoletana style. Toscana, Del Re, and Di Parma are the top three Napoletana pies, whereas Brooklyn, Hell’s Kitchen, and Butcher are the top three NYC styles. Service is usually quick; place your order and you’ll get your pizza in a matter of minutes. The toppings are really fresh, and the cheese on the Margherita pizza is evenly spread, guaranteeing that every mouthful has an abundance of cheese. Don’t worry if you can’t fly to Naples, the origin of contemporary pizza. Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria creates a near-identical duplicate of the original right here in Colorado, according to Marco’s claim.
  2. Hops & Pies
    There are many dining options on bustling Tennyson Street, but Hops & Pie should be at the top of your list—they’ve been operating since 2010 and they’re one of the best at what they do! Hops & Pie serves three types of pizza: classic, Detroit, and pan pies, as well as a daily slice , the fllavor depending on the day. Every month, one handmade pie is featured; otherwise, pies can be entirely customized with over 30 topping possibilities. When you go in and select a table, a waitress will greet you warmly. One of the primary components in their dough is beer, and it is matured for three days before being cooked for all three types of pizzas they provide. This is simply a paradise for those looking for new tastes and a great selection of toppings.
  3. Blue Pan Pizza
    Named by many the best pizza place in Denver, Blue Pan Pizza offers its large number of regular customers crispy, crusty, rectangular pan pizzas, a.k.a. Detroit style pies. However, for the greatest Detroit style pizza and the best pizza in Denver, you should get the The Brooklyn Bridge. Its toppings include sausage, mozzarella, red sauce, garlic, various spices, pepperoni, ricotta, and pecorino. It’s by far the favorite of Blue Pan fans and it’s a must-try if you are a pizza enthusiast. Blue Pan’s quality is also certified with many awards, including those they received in competitions in Italy!
  4. Bar Dough
    With an innovative menu featuring a wide range of meat, seafood, and pasta dishes, and more importantly delicious pizzas, Bar Dough is one of Denver’s greatest Italian restaurants. Under their typical Italian restaurant setting, their pizzas are the hidden stars. They have six different pizzas to select from, and on Sundays an extra cheesy breakfast-style pizza called the Sunday pizza. The crust is crunchy around the edges while being soft enough, making it a very enjoyable experience to eat it. The ambience and the neighborhood environment makes you feel comfortable and eloquent.
  5. Kaos Pizzeria
    The old Victorian architecture, the street café atmosphere and the handmade delicious pizzas will make you feel like you’re visiting an old town in Europe. The chefs are among the best, the wood-fire baking method converts their Naples style pizzas into a full experience, made of pleasure and coziness. Kaos Pizzeria offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with both indoor and outdoor seating options. You can say anything about it, but you can’t deny that it has its unique character among Denver’s many pizzerias.