Top 5 ski resorts in Wyoming

Top 5 ski resorts in Wyoming

  1. Jackson Hole Ski Resort

With its global reputation thanks to its enormous mountain, Jackson Hole ski resort covers an area of 2,500 acres. The resort is not for beginners but experts and athletes. Before visiting the resort, you must have advanced techniques about skiing. The resort also has a lot of choices for accommodations and restaurants to rest. There is one lively base village called Teton in the resort that offers sledding tracks and snow castles for your kids! In a nutshell, the resort is a great place for both experts and families with children.

  1. Grande Targhee Ski Resort

Compared to the other resorts situated in the North America, the resort is smaller but it does not imply that the experience that you will have in the resort is less fun! In fact, the place is generally considered as one of the best places in Wyoming for intermediate level skiers and experts but that does not mean that the base in the resort is not good for beginners. The resort has a lot of activities, including yoga, wall climbing, hiking, trail running biking, and cat skiing, which is a rather popular activity in the resort.

  1. Pine Creek Ski Resort

With its summit that has a height of 8,225 feet, the Pine Creek ski resort is a part of the Tunp Mountain Range situated in North America. The resort is one of the best places in North America for ski experience. Pine Creek has a relaxing vibe, which makes it preferable for a lot of skiers. If you are looking for a warm atmosphere, here is Pine Creek! If you are also a beginner, Pine Creek is one of the best places with its diverse terrain to go! Lastly, the resort is affordable and not crowded, which makes the resort ideal for beginners too.

  1. Hogadon Basin Ski Resort

If you are a seasoned skier, Hogadon Basin ski resort is one of the best places in Wyoming in which you can use your best cross-country skis and all-mountain skis! With its challenging terrains and over 600 feet of vertical drop, the short and steep runs at the resort is not for beginners, which is why the resort is a best place in Wyoming that will test your courage! The resort also has 27 trails that you can easily access. However, the resort is not suitable for families because there are not a lot of activities that cater to families. All in all, if you are an expert skier that does not want a crowded resort, Hogadon Basin is what you are looking for!

  1. Meadowlark Ski Resort

Meadowlark ski resort is one of the biggest resorts in Wyoming compared to the alternatives. If you want to learn how to ski with intimate experience, the resort offers you a lot of opportunities in terms of snowboarding or skiing. The resort is also a good place to relax without crowds. With more than 300 acres of skiable terrain, the resort has 9,200 peak elevation. 30% of the ski runs are for beginners, 30% for intermediate skiers and 40% for advanced skiers and experts. The resort also has a scenic view with good lodging options.