1. Goldbug Hot Springs

Located near Salmon, Idaho, this hot spring provides the most breathtaking scenery and the most calming nature experience one can hope for. In a state full of magnificent natural beauties, Goldbug Hot Springs still stands out with its spectacular view, so much so that it attracts many hikers who do not necessarily wish to bath or swim in the water, but simply to enjoy the nature.

The location might be a bit difficult to reach as it requires a very steep hike. But the scenery you get at the top makes up for it. There is no entrance cost either! It is recommended to visit before winter since the snow-covered trail might be too burdensome to climb. Fall is probably the best time as the weather is cold enough for you to get the most out of the hot spring experience.

  • Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

These hot springs lie right on the Middle Fork of the Payette River. It can be reached through the Middle Fork Road as you drive to the north. This is one of the closest hot springs to the town of Boise, if you are planning to drive from that area. It should be mentioned that the scenic drive to the hot spring is quite breathtaking.

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs can be found among the mountains, out in the open where you can enjoy the unblocked sunlight. The uppermost layer of the spring is the absolute hottest and the water gets colder as it flows down. You can choose where you wish to bath in depending on how you like your water’s temperature.

  • Kirkham Hot Springs

Kirkham Hot Springs is among the most popular in Idaho. It is easy to access and rather central. The area is usually crowded with people, as it is a famous hiking and camping spot as well. Although it attracts many visitors, the area is big enough and the multitude of pools make it so that it never feels overwhelmingly crowded at any time. You can still choose to go there early in the morning to avoid bathing with too many people.

  • Bonneville Hot Springs

Located near Lowman, Bonneville Hot Springs provide a calming, smooth bathing experience with an enjoyable view of the waterfall. The area does not lie right on the highway, and it takes a bit of an effort to reach. However, the fact that it’s relatively secluded means fewer people and more tranquility. There are trails available for hiking, as well as a large enough campground to host quite a few people.

  • Mountain Village Resort

Probably the best hot spring on this list in terms of scenery. This breathtaking spot offers you the pure joy of spectacular sunrises as you enjoy your hot bath. The area is open to visitors year-round, and each season has its own perks. Especially in winter, the snow-covered mountainous scenery can be particularly good to enjoy. The one-time visitors to this place are very few, since everyone wants to come back to relive this wonderful experience. The quality is top-notch and everything about this place is memorable.