Top 5 Fishing Spots In Utah

Top 5 Fishing Spots In Utah

  1. Provo River

Stretching for miles, Provo River is full of rainbow trout that are 18 inches long. If you are looking for a popular place to fish, Provo is here for you! The river is close to Utah Valley Cities in which you can feel fresh air and rest. Besides, if you are searching for fly fishing, the river offers you one of the most exciting fly fishing opportunities! Noted for guide services, there is a fly shop named “Fish Heads Fly Shop” in Heber City. Fish Heads will supply you with whatever you will need. The fishing quality of the river is also approved officially.

  1. Fish Lake

Located in an isolated area and sitting at an elevation of 8,800 feet, Fish Lake is Utah’s biggest fishing location. The lake is a home to a lot of trout species, including high numbers of lake trout, splake and yellow perches. If you are looking for a lake that has spots for shore fishing, Fish Lake is here for you! Besides, the lake is suitable for boat fishing. The lake also offers you a lot of lodging and camping opportunities. Last of all, Fish Lake is one of the most prominent places in Utah for ice fishing, which is a popular winter sport.

  1. Green River

Being one of Utah’s most prominent water sources, Green River is loved by everyone living in Utah! The river contains a lot of fish species and has a gorgeous surrounding. There are limited fishing methods allowed in the river: artificial flies or lures. The river is generally crowded but you can go there to avoid crowds on summer weekends. There are also a lot of camping opportunities and guides. Experienced guides in the river will help you to fortify your fishing abilities. Besides, the river offers lodging opportunities too.

  1. Mill Hollow Reservoir

Mill Hollow is one of Utah’s untouched areas within the forest. If you want to explore Uinta National Forest and fish there, Mill Hollow Reservoir is easy to access, which makes it a good place to start fishing. Mill Hollow contains trout, rainbow trout, and tiger trout. Besides, the water is so clean that you can see the fish easily on the surface of the water. For that reason, it’s a great spot to start with your new hobby of fishing, as it makes it easier to catch “prizes” to show to your family and friends later on!

  1. Strawberry Reservoir

Being close to Heber Valley and Park City, Strawberry Reservoir is known as Utah’s best trout fisheries, and is famous for its cutthroat trout. In 1930, the biggest cutthroat trout that weighed in at a whopping 27 pounds was caught here. Indeed, if fishing is not your cup of tea, you can still go there for boating and relaxing while enjoying the natural habitat of the reservoir. The area is extremely picturesque and a great place to calm your mind and run away from the chaos of your life.