Top 5 Hot Springs in Utah

1. Mystic Hot Springs

The Mystic Hot Springs are off the usual road near Monroe, Utah. To collect the hot water, vintage bathtubs and concrete ponds were built. This is the focal point of the swimming area at Mystic Hot Springs. There are two pools in the soaking area, as well as six historic bathtubs to relax in. Temperatures in the spring vary from 99 to 110 degrees. Mystic features its own campground, as well as a collection of wilderness cottages and an alpaca farm. They provide some memorable stays in the heart of Utah’s Wild West.

2. Homestead Hot Springs

A unique hot spring located in a dome-shaped crater, offering more than just the relaxation the hot water provides. It’s one of Utah’s most unusual attractions as an underground cavern with a hole at the top of the dome that allows in sunlight and fresh air. The personnel at the Homestead Crater were enthusiastic and polite when we arrived to try our luck. Its water is warm and inviting at 90 degrees. Homestead Crater is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events, so put it on your bucket list if you’re in Utah.

3. Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs in northern Utah are notable for having the world’s greatest mineral richness and the world’s closest natural occurrence of hot and cold springs in one spot. They’re known as the Crystal Hot Springs, and they boast an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a variety of other mineral-rich attractions. Because these hot springs are maintained by the Crystal Hot Springs facility, you must pay an entry charge to soak in them.

4. Diamond Fork Springs

The Diamond Fork Hot Springs are the most gorgeous of all the Utah hot springs. It includes a number of hot springs with vivid blue water tumbling down a mountainside. It seems like it’s right out of a movie scenario, thanks to the accompanying waterfalls. Keep in mind that both getting to and from the springs will require a long hike, which might require some preparation. But the relaxation the water provides and the calming nature of the area makes the trip worth it and offers an experience you’ll never forget.

5. Meadow Hot Springs

In the middle of a farmer’s field, these Utah hot springs may be located. Temperatures hover above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water is very clear. Despite the masses bathing it on a regular basis, the natural ingredients in the water keep the water clean. This is the one for you if you’re seeking a unique setting with crystal clear hot springs. Scuba divers visit the place regularly for training and practice since it is so deep, the owners don’t mind it either.