Top 5 Hot Springs in Wyoming

1. Thermopolis Hot Springs State Park

The Hot Springs State Park, located near Thermopolis, provides free public access to both outdoor and indoor soaking pools, as well as clothing-optional private baths. Thermopolis Hot Spring State Park is a fantastic spot to bath with the whole family. The swinging bridge across the Bighorn River and the Teepee Fountain, an alien natural structure sculpted by the flow of mineral-rich water, are two more highlights in the state park.

2. Granite Hot Springs

The majority of visitors to Jackson Hole proceed to the ski slopes or to Yellowstone National Park to the north. While doing that, one must travel south on a family-friendly journey to geothermal-heated Granite Hot Springs to shake things up. Granite Hot Springs, located south of Jackson and above Granite Creek Falls, has a waterfall-fed, 104-degree soaking pool as well as a man-made swimming pool. Granite Hot Springs is a hidden gem with limited access throughout the winter months, which is one of its many charms.

3. Boiling River Hot Springs at Yellowstone

When you find yourself in this river after a day of visiting Yellowstone, it seems like nirvana. People of all ages will find it entertaining and delightful. Adults may relax in the nice, hot water near the point where the boiling river joins the Gardiner River, while children can play in the waves. The scenery is stunning, especially the tiny falls that cascade down from the boiling River. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience and it’s a place to prioritize if you’re not sure which hot springs to choose. Plus you get to do all sorts of other outdoor activities in Yellowstone, admire the nature and have the day of your life.

4. Hobo Pool at Saratoga

Hobo Pool, which is free and accessible 24 hours a day, is a natural pool close to the Platte River with two natural pools (one of which is appropriately dubbed the Not So Hot Pool). The facility, which is next to Saratoga’s public pool, is a terrific spot to meet people from the community and also other visitors. Both the locals and visitors are grateful for having such a spot in the state, as its healing quality has been highly praised for many years. For a nearby spot, see below.

5. Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

These pools provide a soothing break after a long day on the Sierra Madre Mountains’ or Snowy Range’s snowboarding and skiing paths. The swimming pool is 70 feet long and filled with 96 to 98 degree natural mineral water. Because the hot springs are heated entirely by Mother Nature, so there is some change in temperature throughout the year. For another spot nearby, see above.