Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours in Michigan

1. Stony Lake Stables

Stony Lake Stables in west Michigan offers beautiful, long rides along the lake where you can get lost in your thoughts and enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s consistently among the highest ranked horseback riding tour providers in the state and it deserves its popularity. The trails are absolutely breathtaking. Since the area is frequently visited, the staff is often busy; but they’re still extremely nice, helpful and knowledgeable. Stony Lake Stables offers family-friendly tours where you can participate with your entire family. Tours usually last 1-1.5 hours and will give you memories of a lifetime.

2. Jack’s Livery Stable

Would you like to ride a carriage on your own, rather than horseback riding? Then this is the place for you. Jack’s Livery Stable allows you to hire a carriage and a horse and stroll around the island. The horses are trained for this; they’re easygoing, calm and smart. You’ll ride the carriage as if you’re riding your own car. The staff is also very well-organized, polite and knowledgeable. Overall, Jack’s Livery Stable offers an extremely cozy environment and an unforgettable experience with very reasonable pricing.

3. Cindy’s Riding Stable

Located in Mackinac Island, Cindy’s Riding Stable offers guided rides on the island. There are many beautiful trails in the island which are suitable for intermediate to advanced level riders. The length of the tour is satisfying, the surroundings are amazing, and the guides are very experienced, as well as friendly. You could choose to attend a guided tour or simply hire a horse and take care of yourself if you prefer to do so. It is a great place to escape the rush of urban life and just enjoy what the island and the outdoors have to offer.

4. Grosse Pointe Equestrian Center

The Grosse Pointe Equestrian Center is located in Detroit and offers the best equestrian experience for those who can’t leave the city to ride a horse. The Grosse Pointe Equestrian Center provides public riding instruction ranging from beginner to expert, as well as horse training. The grounds are kept in excellent condition. The professionalism is what defines the Center. This isn’t just a tourist attraction but an active facility. The horses are accordingly  properly cared after, and the staff is both friendly and competent.

5. Grand Hotel Stable

The Grand Hotel Stables is both a functional museum and a public stable. It is open to the public and features historic horse-drawn carriages and sleighs. It’s the perfect spot for those wishing to make a trip where you can culturally benefit and do some outdoor activity at the same time. You can enjoy old-fashioned, beautiful looking carriages during the tour and relive history. The museum is also absolutely amazing, make sure not to miss it!