Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours in California

1. Crescent Trail Rides

Crescent Trail Rides is the most preferred horseback riding tour in California according to the data on the web. They are located near Redwood National and State Parks and they provide guided horseback rides. Rides to both the beach and the redwood forest are available. Both are recommended but the ride through the redwoods is especially fantastic and breathtaking. In provides a real feeling of experiencing what the nature has to offer. The horses are been well-trained, and they are happy and healthy. The guides have extensive knowledge of horses and the area. Reservations are required for all rides. The duration of rides ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 hours according to their website.

2. Ricochet Ridge Ranch

Ricochet Ridge Ranch in Fort Bragg provides a variety of rides at the beach, in the hills and through the forest. Riders that choose a trip to the beach will appreciate the majestic beauty of the gorgeous beach, especially at sunset. The ocean view provides an opportunity to observe the aquatic life, as well as enjoy fresh ocean air. Rides through the forest are also available at Ricochet Ridge Ranch. This place may be just what you’ve been looking for if viewing magnificent landscape while riding appeals to you.

3. Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Sunset Ranch Hollywood is best defined as professional, welcoming and fun! The horses here are well-cared after and comfortable, needless to say extremely well trained. They are familiar with the whole path and need minimal supervision. The memories from your ride will simply stay with you for life; you can even see the Hollywood sign from there! Overall, it provides an unforgettable experience for riders of all experience levels! If you are beginner, you’ll learn the very basics of horseback riding from the very best trainers and guides.

4. Smoke Tree Stables

Visiting Smoke Tree Stables for a horseback riding tour must be in your list if you’re around Palm Springs! The view is incredibly gorgeous during the journey. The trip usually lasts one to two hours and is well worth the money you pay for! I also can’t praise the owners and the staff enough. They are the nicest folks that genuinely want to provide the finest service to their visitors! If you’re visiting Palm Springs, you should consider supporting this cozy and wholesome spot.

5. Sea Horse Ranch

Another ranch with tours to the beach (duh, it’s California!). The view and the beach are both stunning, as usual. The horses are very easygoing. It provides a calming experience to first-timers. It’s a great choice for an outdoor activity to do with your entire family, especially if you are all first-time riders. Granted you’ll enjoy it immensely. During the journey, the instructors are helpful and friendly, and the initial instructions are clear and simple. All in all, Sea Horse receives mostly good reviews and is worth a visit if you’re close by and looking for a horseback riding tour.