Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours in Ohio

1. Equestrian Ridge Farm

By far the most preferred equestrian farm in the entire state. Equestrian Ridge Farm serve a benevolent purpose by rescuing their horses, providing them a comfortable life while offering their visitors extremely enjoyable horseback riding tours. The riders feel completely safe due to the expertise of the staff and the clear instructions they give before and during the trip. Horses are well-cared for and you can feed them and show attention to them with the guidance of the staff. The tour doesn’t hurry the process; the experience is engraved into your memory. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day with your family or friends. You won’t regret it!

2. Uncle Buck’s Riding Stable

Uncle Buck’s is a horseback riding facility in Hocking Hills with a beer garden and bar. Riders pass through Zaleski State Forest on their way to the stable, which is located near Lake Hope. Uncle Buck’s offers three amazing, guided trail rides to select from. The Coal Bucket Trail is a one-hour trip that is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. The two-hour Lookout Rock Trail offers views of an abandoned railroad track, marshes, woodland, and a beautiful water trail.

3. Camp Mohaven

On the Mohican Valley Trail, the equestrian program at Camp Mohaven is one of the finest ways to see Ohio’s most stunning landscape while enjoying a calm horseback ride. This peaceful retreat is set on 700 acres of beautiful woodland along the Mohican Valley River. Its natural treasures are definitely among the state’s best kept secrets. Camp Mohaven is popular venue for numerous outdoor sports too. So it offers a great opportunity to engage in other outdoor activities after or before your ride.

4. Happy Trails Horseback Riding

At Happy Trails, horses are in excellent health and have had extensive training. If it is your first time riding a horse, you’ll be really appreciative of the training and the professionalism. The guides are extremely helpful and the instructions are excellent. You’ll be at ease the whole time and your anxiety (if you have any) will be gone in seconds. A one-hour trip costs around $35. That is one of the more convenient prices you can find. However there are longer trips available if you’re willing to try.

5. Blue Moon Acres

This is the place to go if you enjoy horses or horseback riding. This isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for car trip around the countryside in disguise of horseback riding. The owners and the staff are wonderful, the horses perform exactly as you want, and the whole thing leads to a memorable experience. This is a fantastic spot for experienced riders. It’s extremely satisfying for those who know their way around horses. All in all, a great place to pick if you’re an experienced equestrian and looking for a place for your level.