Top 5 Ski Resort in Alaska

Top 5 Ski Resort in Alaska

  1. Alyeska Ski Resort

Located in Alaska with its 2,500 vertical feet, seven lifts, and steep slopes, the resort offers amazing skiing and snowboarding opportunities across all levels. If you love night skiing, the resort has night skiing that starts at 4 pm and runs until 9 pm. Alyeska has lodges, saltwater pool, fitness center, spa that offers the perfect wind down after a day of skiing and restaurants. Overall, it’s a great place to get lost in your thoughts and enjoy the cold with your friends or family.

  1. Eaglecrest Ski Resort

Situated in Central Oregon, the resort is near the Cascade Mountains that has a beautiful park and landscape. The resort offers an amazing skiing experience with minimum cost and has an array of cafes, a golf course, restaurants, lodges and bars. The resort is for both beginners and advanced level skiers. There is also night skiing in the resort for those wishing to ski at midnight. It’s highly recommended, since the combination of white snows and starry night skies make for a lasting experience you’ll talk about for many days!

  1. Hilltop Ski Resort

Situated in Anchorage near the Chugach Mountains, Hilltop offers incredible skiing lessons with its experienced skiers! The resort, apart from having amazing views of the scenic state of Alaska, has also a lot of trails and a golf course. The resort is for beginners and intermediate skiers hoping to have the best ski experience. If you’re a beginner, it’s not difficult to find beginner groups and train with them, helping each other during the process.

  1. Moose Mountain

The resort opens at 10 am and closes at 4pm. When it comes to shorter days, it closes at 3pm. With its 200 acres of skiable terrain that feature 35 trails, the resort is for both beginners and advanced. Skiers. The longest run in the resort is approximately 7,920 feet. Children aged below 6 years and adults over 70 years have a right to ski for free in the resort. If you are a beginner, don’t worry! You have a chance to find a ski run that is ideal for your level in Moose Mountain Ski Area. The terrain is also ideal for snowboarding.

  1. Mount Eyak Ski Resort

If you go skiing with your family, you better consider going to Mount Eyak Ski Resort. The resort is one of the largest ones located in Alaska. If you also like heli-skiing, heading to Mount Eyak should be worth your time. Besides, the resort offers more than skiing: you should visit the Cordova Historical Museum and Ilanka Cultural Center to get information about the local history of the region. It is also possible to access untouched snow at Mount Eyak. There are no restaurants and lodging in the resort but that does not mean you enjoy it less!