Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours near Dallas

1. Texas Horse Park

Texas Horse Park is a wonderful location for horseback riding. There are more than 50 well-trained and well-cared after horses, and there are several trails to enjoy. This is an excellent location for family meetings, weddings, and any other type of gathering. There’s a lot of wildlife and tradition to see here. Spending a day here will make you realise that horses are wonderful creatures! The tour lengths range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The route usually takes you through forests and plains, making you forget you’re actually in the city. Overall, you’ll have a great day and will suggest this park to everyone. A small thing to remember is to make reservations before going.

Texas Rose Horse Park

2. Widowmaker Trail Rides

One of the most enjoyable horseback riding paths you’ll ever participate in! It offers a great opportunity to have a great time with a party of friends or family. The trail is very lovely and calming, with beautiful views of the lake. The staff is really accommodating and takes excellent care of the visitors. This ride is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced riders. The horses are stunning, and they are clearly well-loved and cared for. If it is your first time on a horse, and it’ll feel like as if you’re driving a car. Overall, it’s a fantastic journey that you should try.

3. Dallas Equestrian Center

The Dallas Equestrian Center is the area’s top equestrian facility. It’s commited to hosting riders of all experience levels, from competitive riders to intermediate trainers to first-timers. It’s conveniently located in the center of North Dallas. Dallas Equestrian is home to some of the most successful professional riders, as well as teaching staff and facilities in the region. The illustrious trainers of the center each have their unique specializations and levels of expertise. It’s especially recommended to those willing to approach horseback riding as a process rather than a one-time entertainment.

4. Marshall Creek Ranch

Another highly- rated and popular ranch in the area. The horses are suitable for and used to trail rides. The price is affordable, the staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable about both the horses and the surrounding region. The ride is pleasantly long. The tour is handled professionally and safety is prioritized. It’s a great experience overall.

5. Broken Bow Ranch

Another ranch offering an amazing ride. It’s a pleasure to work with the horses and the instructors. Beautiful landscape makes it easy to forget about everything and simply ride. Riders of all ages and levels of experience regularly visit the Ranch and given proper equipment and training. The Ranch is somewhat off the road and may be difficult to access, but the ride is amazing and is a must-try!