Top 5 fishing spots in Missouri

Top 5 fishing spots in Missouri

  1. James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area

If you want to enjoy nature and boating, the Wildlife Area that contains a variety of fishing, including bluegill, channel catfish and largemouth bass, is here for you! If you are a beginner, you can improve your fishing skills in the area. When you are done with fishing, you can go there with your family and enjoy Lee’s Summit while heading up to Kansas City. Besides, the area has lodging opportunities and trout restaurants in which you can eat Utah’s most delicious fishes after fishing. Overall, the area provides not only the best fishing experience, but a spectacular natural area, preserved to be admired.

  1. Pomme De Terre Lake

If you are a fisherman wishing to have a place to relax and rest, Pomme De Terre Lake is well-suited for you! The lake has a variety of fishes, including bass, crappie, catfish, walleye, and muskie. If you need more bait or a drink while fishing, the lake has a lot of stores for you to buy what you need. In the lake area, there are a lot of campsites and hotels available. If you do want to go there with your family and stay there, Pomme De Terre is best suited for you!

  1. Lake Showme

Located in Northeast Missouri, Lake Showme has a lot of restrooms and fishing docks. If you wish to go there with your family and get one of the best fishing experiences, Lake Showme offers basic campgrounds. Bring your lunch and try to catch your dinner, while relaxing in the amazing outdoors. You could also extend your trip and camp around the area, leading to one of the best outdoor experiences you’ve ever had! It’s a great place to make friends, hang out with people and have the most calming experience in your life.

  1. Fleming Park

Covering over 7,800 acres of recreational area and is home to Blue Springs Lake, Fleming Park offers you a chance to catch several different types of fish, ranging from flathead catfish to hybrid striped bass. The area has a fishing dock for disabled people, which shows the inclusive aspect of Fleming Park. With the location of Fleming, there are a lot of hotels and motels for you to rest. If you do want to go there with your family, Fleming Park offers campsites and restaurants opportunities.

  1. Forest Lake At Thousand Hills State Park

Located in Thousand Hills State Park, Forest Lake is generally considered as one of the best fishing places in Missouri for Advanced fishers. If you do decide to go Forest Lake to fish, you will have the chance to catch several different types of fish, including largemouth bass, walleye, channel catfish, and crappie. If you forget to bring plenty of bait, don’t worry because there are stores that you can buy bails easily. Lastly, Forest Lake has campsites and lodging opportunities.