Top 5 National&State Parks in Nevada

1-Great Basin National Park

Nevada’s only national park, Great Basin is around a 5-hour drive away from Las Vegas. The park includes majestic hills, spectacular lakeviews and caves waiting to be explored. The park encompasses one of the best and most diverse natural and geological features in Nevada.

The park has been regularly visited by stargazers. Stargazing, camping and hiking enthusiasts of Nevada and nearby states visit the park throughout the year to enjoy the nature, the dark skies and the excellent trails.

Those who wish can take the Lehman Cave guided tour to learn more about the old and dark caves. You can also take a hike upwards and enjoy one of the best views of the state from above.

2-Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park is about 50 miles north of Las Vegas and an hour distant by car. The park takes its name from the vivid red Aztec sandstone outcrops that serve as its main feature. When the rocks are exposed to sunlight, they appear to be on fire, earning the moniker “the Valley of Fire.”

It is Nevada’s oldest state park and has the greatest vistas, particularly at sunrise and sunset. There’s something for everyone here, with dozens of miles of hiking paths. Campsites are built up around the park for individuals who prefer to spend time away from the trails, and day excursions of the area may also be arranged.

3-Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is a popular place to get away from the flashy Las Vegas Strip and reconnect with nature. A short drive will take you to large rock formations, sandstone hills, and cliffs—awesome nature in Las Vegas.

Because the cliffs may reach 3,000 feet in height, the location is famous among climbers. You may also take a lovely drive or trek along the route with your family. The park is one of the best natural wonders in the state. Because of its proximity to Las Vegas, it is generally most popular with urban residents seeking a getaway from the chaos of daily life.

4-Spring Valley State Park

Located about three hours north of Las Vegas, Spring Valley brings together natural and historic beauty together. The park offers visitors both educational activities and a diverse range of outdoor activities throughout the year.

The lake is the centerpiece of the park, so ice fishing in winter is one of the most common activities to do here. Some people prefer to hike around the hills and enjoy the view of the frozen lake. In summer, the park is visited by many campers, among which are included stargazers. The park offers beautiful dark skies that attract any astronomy enthusiasts. Overall, the park offers something interesting for everyone and it’s a must visit for outdoor enthusiasts in Nevada and nearby states.

5-Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge is a natural wonderland with its cliffs and canyon-like formations that draw the eye. Here you can camp, hike and explore the caves that are completely unique. The park is around 3 hours away from Las Vegas.

For photography enthusiasts, Cathedral Gorge is a heaven. There are many natural formations that make for a great photo, especially when the sunlight hits just at the right angle.