Top 5 Steakhouses in Philadelphia

  1. Barclay Prime
    Visitors at Barclay Prime immediately feel the quality. Comfortable banquets and magnificent crystal chandeliers provide a sleek and elegant ambiance. The steaks are tender and melt in your mouth. They’re delicate and perfectly seasoned. Wagyu filet, strip, and ribeye steaks are the pinnacle of the steak world for genuine connoisseurs. Those steaks are made from Japanese Wagyu cattle and are among the best in the United States, if not the entire globe. Truffle-whipped potatoes or truffle mac and cheese are sure to please truffle connoisseurs. These side dishes, as well as five different meat sauces, are distinctive enough to go with Barclay’s finest steak in Philadelphia.
  2. Butcher & Singer
    Make a reservation at Butcher & Singer at once, if you are fancying a night out. It’s a laid-back steakhouse with no pretense; just order a crab cocktail to start the night. The steaks are all mouth-watering, but we recommend the Delmonico if you are willing to go all in! Also make sure to have a taste of that bacon mac ‘n cheese. As dessert, you will find that the baked Alaska prepared here is the best one in the entire country. All in all, Butcher & Singer offers that old-school steakhouse luxury.
  3. The Capital Grille
    Be wined, dined, and dazzled, as the Grille’s website puts it. With their premium dry-aged, Wagyu or Kona options, The Capital Grille is often a popular destination for those searching for the finest steak in Philadelphia. Still, the steaks are on average less expensive than some of the other big steakhouses of Philly. The wine list is exceptional, with more than 350 wines from around the world to choose from. To sum up, Capital Grille is another top-notch restaurant, a calm yet vivid establishment that makes you feel important just by being there. If you are a beef lover, it is a fantastic steakhouse for you, where every little detail counts.
  4. The Urban Farmer
    The Urban Farmer is the ultimate Philly steakhouse. The rural and the urban come together in this beautiful spot. The ambience is full of art and culture, the ingredients are fresh, and the steaks are delicious. We absolutely recommend that you try either the New York strip or the ribeye. Wagyu beef should also be noted. However, the Urban Farmer is most notable for its atmosphere. This isn’t your regular dimly lit, heavy and serious steakhouse; instead, it’s modern, it’s light, and it’s undeniably cool! Even if you are one of the old-schoolers, visit the Farmer once and see for yourself, whether its reputation is well-deserved.
  5. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
    Inarguably “the” luxury steakhouse in Philly. The place is elegantly furnished, the architecture is astonishing, and the vibe is as elite as it gets. Once you step inside, you know you are in a distinguished club! Your amazement with the ambience won’t come to an end, as the hand-cut steaks will also blow your mind and taste will remain with you in the following days. It’s impossible to advertise for this place, its reputation does it better anyway. If you ever get the chance, visit Del Frisco’s and gain a lifetime’s memory.