Top 5 Steakhouses in Chicago

  1. Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse
    Gibsons, perhaps Chicago’s most famous steakhouse, has been around for decades. With great ambience, staff, side dishes and most importantly, all sorts of meat, it offers a premium dining experience to all Chicagoans and visitors. Eating Gibsons, just like eating a Chicago-style deep dish pizza, is a must-do if you are around the city. The menu is absolutely filled! For those with different appetites, all sorts of different meats and dishes come available in different portions. Eat however and whatever you want, but make sure to taste one of those juicy steaks; the quality is even awarded by USDA! (In fact, Gibsons is the only restaurant in the entire country to have the quality of their beef certified by them). Don’t miss out on that quality and experience, it is the best you can get in the city!
  2. Maple & Ash
    As one of the rather new steakhouses in the Gold Coast, Maple & Ash stands out for its unique cooking method (duh, the name!). The exciting seafood menu (you must try the caviar), and fine wines will make your night unforgettable. The ambience is as gorgeous as it gets, no fancy colors and lights, just the right amount of style. But forget all of this. You didn’t click on this article for a well-decorated place with fancy wine. It is the beef that matters and here, you get it only the best way. The dry-aged steaks, cooked to perfection with the help of maple wood, will absolutely blow your minds. Maple & Ash may not be as traditional as some of the other restaurants in this list, but beware, it’s tastier than them.
  3. RPM Steak
    Google “Chicago” and “Steakhouse” together, and you get RPM. And it well deserves its celebrity status. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but the number of options and the quality of everything are absolutely mind-blowing. When you go there, you go to impress and enjoy. It is one of the finest dining experiences you can get in the city. Treat yourself to very expensive cuts of steak, enjoy the moment and the ambience. This is the steakhouse you look for, if you look for the best quality.
  4. Chicago Cut Steakhouse
    A modern twist on the traditional steakhouse setting, as the partners call it. Chicago Cut is definitely among the upscale restaurants of the city. The quality catches up with the price, the beautiful view of the Chicago River provides the best view, bar none. You can choose Chicago Cut for a business dinner, a romantic night or a casual night with friends and family. Wine, dine and enjoy the experience, it is what you deserve!
  5. Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf
    This River North restaurant is a welcome addition to the Chicago dining scene. Bavette’s is both sophisticated and laid-back, with a French spin on the typical steakhouse. Enjoy a traditional drink and seafood snack while listening to the seductive sounds of live jazz music from the luxurious red leather seats.