Top 5 places to go rafting in Oregon

Top 5 places to go rafting in Oregon

  1. Upper Klamath River

Upper Klamath River is one of the longest rivers to raft in Oregon. If you are searching for an amazing rafting experience and river withClass IV+, Upper Klamath is what you are searching for! One of the best parts of the river is its long rapids. Apart from this, Upper Klamath is also famous for its lava rock canyons and big water. The river is not recommended for first-timers since the flow is rather dangerous for them.  

  1. Rogue River

If you are looking for a quick trip with your family while experiencing amazing rapids, Rogue River is exactly what you are seeking! There is a section of the Rogue River called Nugget featuring two class IV rapids. Nugget section is for those rafters having the capability of handling the flow. Rogue River will be a good choice for advanced rafters and experts. There is a reason why it’s being regularly visited by the experienced rafters! If you’re a beginner, we would recommend that you take it easy and stick to the areas where the rapids are more manageable, allowing you to gain experience without danger.

  1. Deschutes River

The Deschutes River is one of the most renowned destinations for rafting in Oregon. You can go to Deschutes with your family and enjoy the rafting and natural habitat. The river is suitable for intermediate level rafters but that does not mean that advanced rafters will be less enjoyable. There are many sections of the river convenient to the experts and advanced rafters. Overall, Deschutes offer a chance for you to enjoy the water and the aquatic life, while pumping up your adrenaline every now and then.

  1. Clackamas River

If you want to raft in the Clackamas River, be prepared for the green foliage and atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest! The river is an amazing experience with its clear water and strong rapids named “Powerhouse”. With its classIII-IV whitewater, Clackamas offers big and exciting rapids, and an incredible adventure for whitewater rafting. In connection with this, the river’s water runs clear all year. The river is perfect for beginners and advanced rafters who are seeking a place to raft in Oregon.

  1.  Klickitat River

If you are looking for a never-ending class  II-III rapids, Klickitat River is for those advanced skiers like you! The river never gets over-crowded compared to the other rivers. Moreover, with its fast-flowing waves, the Klickitat offers you an amazing rafting experience. A day on the Klickitat with these waves is a perfect way to spend an afternoon rafting in Oregon. You can also go to Klickitat River with your family to raft since some sections of the river are family-friendly.