Top 5 places to go rafting in Colorado

Top 5 places to go rafting in Colorado

  1. Animas River in Durango

Durango is one of the largest mountain towns of Southwest Colorado and is famous for its River named “Animas” that provides a big amount of energy throughout the year. If you are looking for a full day trip, Animas River’s lazy floats is here! The float of the river is family-friendly and there is nothing to fear! During summer season, the river is preferred by rafting addicts wishing to have a calm rafting experience.

  1. Yampa River

If you are looking for relaxing and peaceful rafting trips with your family, Yampa River is for you! The best run in the river is from May through July. During these seasons, there are several people who are on multi-day camping and rafting trips but that does not mean that the river is over-crowded. Besides, if you are looking for an overnight river trip, the river offers you a chance to one of the best rafting experiences in Colorado. Yampa River is also a family-friendly place to get an amazing and peaceful rafting experience with your family.

  1. Colorado River

If you are looking for an enormous River with many sections,  the Colorado River is one of the best places in Colorado. Since there are a lot of sections of the river to raft, you can find both family friendly sections and fierce sections. For example, Gore Canyon is considered as the most fierce rafted whitewater in Colorado. If you are looking for an extreme rafting experience, the Colorado River can direct you to the Gore Canyon! The canyon is only for advanced rafters.

  1. Piedra River

Apart from the Animas River that is a tributary to the San Juan River, there is another tributary to it on top of the in-town San Juan River, the Piedra River. The river consists of two sections: The Upper Piedra River and The Lower Piedra River. The Upper Piedra River is suitable for children between 12 and 15 ages. The river also offers you an amazing overnight rafting trip. If you are looking for a more extreme rafting experience for you and your children, Lower Piedra River is here with its big thrills. This section is suited for ages 17 and up. 

  1. Cache La Poudre River

Cache la Poudre offers an amazing whitewater rafting. The river is not crowded compared to the others. There are many sections of the river: some are milder, and the others are wilder. If you are a beginner, you can find a section best suited for you in the Cache la Poudre. Even if rafting generally starts in mid-May, you should go there as a beginner in early September for easier floats.  If you are looking for a harder rafting experience, you should go to Poudre in early August.