Top 5 Pizza Places in Philadelphia

  1. In Riva
    In Riva, you’ll find various Italian delicacies from goat cheese, meatballs, branzino, pastas to excellently prepared Neapolitan-style pizzas. The place offers services both inside and outside, like any true Italian restaurant! Riva is the favorite of East Falls residents with the fresh and delicious toppings they use for their pizzas. Only the best bacon, onion, vinegar, cheese and pepperoni awaits you here. However, the popularity also makes it difficult to find a spot here often. It’s not a bad idea to make a reservation if you are a sizable party. All in all, Riva is a nice spot to spend an evening after an afternoon’s walk along the river with a loved one.
  2. Blackbird Pizzeria
    Best vegan/vegetarian pizzeria in the city, period. The place is conveniently located, just a few minutes’ walk off the subway. You might as well walk through the city on a nice day. The menu is extensive. Vegan or not, you’ll find something delicious for yourself here. The cheesesteak pizza is absolutely a customer favorite. The salads are freshly made and the portions are not small either. Blackbird offers one of the best vegan services in the city. It is easily one of those places where you quickly become a regular.
  3. Earth Bread + Brewery
    So, Earth Bread is actually more of a flatbread restaurant than a pizzeria, but hear me out: They are all amazing. The dough is crispy, the toppings are juicy and the whole thing is prepared in a wood fire. We would absolutely recommend the smoked eggplant topping, but there are also more classic options with pepperoni and chicken. If you like your chicken spicy, try the Mexican. Great side options with hummus and edamame too. Earth Bread regulars have never been disappointed in years, nor will you.
  4. Pizza Brain
    Pizza Brain, the forefather of hip pizza places in Philly. With their weirdly named pizzas (like… Forbes Waggensense), interesting topping options (horseradish, artichoke, brussels sprouts, dates) and funky ambience, it is the center of unconventional pizza movement in the city. Their sense of humor might take a while to get used to… or you can just fall in love with it. Situated in the funky Fishtown, Pizza Brain has become more than a pizza place, it’s become an icon. If you have a soft spot for post-modern cuisine, you must visit the Brain.
  5. Sally
    This is what you’d get if you took a trendy Brooklyn eatery and transplanted it to Philadelphia. The atmosphere is laid-back, the people are cool, and the cuisine is delectable. Pizza and unusual appetizers such as chicken meatballs, Japanese yams, and more are on the menu. Although a bit pricey, the service more than makes up for it. Fitler Square’s go-to pizza joint Sally is also home to a wine store with a magnificent range of wines, as well as popular wood-fired pizzas.