Top 5 Pizza Places in Austin

  1. The Backspace
    A small yet magnificent pizzeria. The Backspace is a cute restaurant with only 30 seats, making it a great place to open a bottle of red wine to go with those pizzas on a date night. Their pizzas are all amazing! But for us, the good old Margherita got the job done. It is delicious, tasty, thin-crusted, and the ingredients are obviously fresh. For many of its customers, it makes the best pizza not just in the city but in the whole state. And for that, it takes the first spot in our list. Expect a cool vibe with barrel stave bar tools and delicious food for your first visit!
  2. Pinthouse Pizza
    Pinthouse’s pizzas will remind you of those large pizza chains, yet the taste is always suberb and the pizzas are cooked to perfection. With the local, fresh and high quality ingredients they use, their pizzas almost never disappoint. The topping options are very extensive as well: Anyone will find something for their taste here. If you are a fan of beer, you can enjoy their craft beer too. The selection of brews is also great. Pinthouse delivers two things they specialize in, beer and pizza, and they deliver them in style. Everything is delicious, the selection is large, and the ambience of this pizza bar is the coolest you will find in the city.
  3. Pieous
    You’ll have to go southwest of Austin to Dripping Springs, but the scratch-made pizza crusts are well worth the trip! VPN Americas has certified this restaurant, indicating that they meet all of the stringent requirements for calling their pizza authentic Neapolitan pies. Pieous is also known for its pastrami sandwiches and pastries, both of which are extremely amazing. They make a cookie that is the size of your face! Pieous, with its reputation, has become a pizza cult over the years. As a pizza lover, you are strongly recommended to attempt this pilgrimage to the west and reach those delicious in-house pastries and pastrami.
  4. Via 313
    One of the bigshots of Austin’s pizza scene. Via313’s been absolutely rocking the city with their Detroit style pizzas for a while. When visiting, don’t expect a typical pizza. The shape is different, the pizza is different. Even if you’re not one for new experiences, it’ll most likely blow your mind! This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining and has a relaxed environment. The service is excellent, and the personnel are really kind. The pizza dough is thick and light, and the topping selections are plenty. Salads and snacks are also available. You might even receive a complimentary scoop of ice cream on your first visit.
  5. Bufalina Pizza
    It is, after all, “only” pizza. But if you desire well selected foods prepared with care in a wood-fired oven, along with some genuinely tasty appetizers and desserts and a (natural) wine list that accompanies them nicely, Bufalina is the place for you. Even going with basic stuff like Margherita or Calabrese is enough to enjoy something truly delicious.