Top 5 Kayaking Spots in Seattle

Top 5 Kayaking Spots in Seattle

1- Lake Sammamish

Lake Sammamish State Park is located 15 miles east of Seattle and it is a favorite among canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. A stunning walkway, playgrounds, hiking, and other activities ensure that a day at Lake Sammamish is never dull.

Visitors can paddle down the Sammamish River or the lake, both of which have adequate space and relatively calm waters. The lake is renowned with its being suitable for beginners and families, while the waves can be tough at times. Sammamish is a great place to go kayaking in Seattle this summer, with glimpses of wildlife and houses all along the shore.

2- San Juan Islands

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the San Juan Islands. The short shorelines and beautiful scenery, as well as the possibility of seeing whales, make for an enjoyable experience. Outer Island Excursions offers three-hour kayaking adventures from Orcas Island’s Smuggler’s Villa Resort. The journey continues down the island’s north side to Point Doughty State Park. Paddlers frequently observe harbor seals, eagles, and harbor porpoises along with spectacular landscapes throughout the journey.

Kayak paddlers may explore the island wildlife with professional tour operators with San Juan Kayak Expeditions, which departs from Friday Harbor. Whales, birds, and harbor seals can always be seen in Friday Harbor. Kayaking in the San Juans is a must-do activity.

3- Titlow Beach

Titlow Beach, located just south of Tacoma’s Narrows Bridge, is known for its tranquil seas and sandy beaches. Titlow Beach is a nice place for paddlers of all abilities to go for a quick paddle and to relax in the sun.

With views of the Olympic Peninsula and the Narrows Bridge, Titlow is one of the greatest spots for kayaking in Seattle. The area has a crafted vibe which is excellent for paddlers seeking to live and enjoy the serenity.

4- Warren G. Magnuson Park
Warren G. Magnuson Park is a great point of entry for kayaking on Lake Washington. It is located in northeast Seattle. The waters of Lake Washington are generally quiet because it is located on the east side of the city, and it does not link to the ocean instantly.

Because of the tranquil waters, this is an excellent kayaking place for families with young children or individuals of various levels of expertise. You’ll even see experienced kayakers exercising their techniques on the seas nearby.

5- Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Lake is a good place to go if you’ve done some kayaking before and want to have a bit more fun. Because the lake isn’t particularly deep, you won’t have to worry about other boats getting in the way of your fun.

The water is also clear and shallow, allowing you to see tree trunks and root systems as they descend into the lake. Because the lake is tiny, it is excellent for a family kayaking trip. After you’ve got your fill of swimming, there’s the rattlesnake ridge to look forward to, where you may go for a trek.