1. Castle Hot Springs

The freshly rebuilt historic resort Castle Hot Springs is flanked by the Hieroglyphic Mountains. Because it’s a resort, you can stay overnight, eat farm-to-table meals, and combine a plunge in the hot springs with spa treatments.

This hot spring in Arizona has therapeutic powers that will leave you feeling revitalized. The water in this area is extremely high in lithium and magnesium. This particular water mixture is quite useful for aches, joint problems, and muscular discomfort.

Standard rooms are available, as well as cabins and cottages.

  • El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs is a much-visited daytrip spot from Phoenix and is about an hour away. The location offers a variety of bathing opportunities as well as breathtaking natural vistas. The pool is naturally heated and averages 107 degrees.

The mineral waters here are wonderful and nutritious to drink. The grounds here provide a rustic environment for tourists, with overgrown foliage, dirt-filled and sandy walkways. The pools here may also be booked and enjoyed privately.

  • Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

Dunes of Hot Wells Hot Springs is regarded as a hidden gem in Arizona’s southern desert. The natural hot spring here is entirely powered by sunshine. Two hot tubs with an average temperature of 106 are accessible in the neighborhood.

If you enjoy adventure and discovery, this Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs is screaming your name. The majority of visitors to Hot Well Dunes Recreational Area go off-roading and camping.

  • Kaiser Hot Springs

Kaiser Hot Springs, located in the Kaiser Spring Canyon in Wikieup, is a popular adventure activity. A nice soak in Kaiser Hot Springs is what you need if you need a decent retreat and natural medication to get rid of the harmful stuff in your body.

Carry water with you and wear hiking shoes because the trail tread is soft and uneven. After the climb, you will arrive to the pools. There are two natural pools to soak in, each separated by a natural rock wall. The water temperature here is typically 100°F.

  • Verde Hot Springs

This natural geothermal hot spring in Arizona lies near the Verde River. It’s mineral-rich. The water’s typical temperature ranges from 98°F to 104°F. The area’s accessibility is dependent on road conditions, so check the weather beforehand before visiting.

Aside from the hot springs, this location also provides camping spaces, biking routes, horseback riding options and hiking trails. The nature here is absolutely magnificent where you can view many animals. Stargazing is also a good option paired with a calm, soothing overnight camping.