Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours near Austin

1. Maverick Horseback Riding

Maverick Horseback Riding is one of the most popular and highly-rated horseback tour providers in the entire state of Texas. It offers guided trails and tours by reservation in their ranches or parks located in or near Austin. The trails include beautiful river-side riding, calming parks, hills and rural plains, where you could enjoy a view of genuine rural life. Riders are instructed on things like basic fundamentals of horseback riding, safety measures, and how to handle the horse in a way comfortable for both the horse and the rider. All in all, it deserves its popularity and is one of the best places for you if you’re looking for a fun day to spend out in nature with your family.

2. Texas Trail Rides

Texas Trail Rides allow you to enjoy the majesty of countryside and nature within the city! After having mounted and equipped with safe horseback riding gear, your friendly and knowledgeable wrangler will accompany you and guide you in one of the best experiences of your life. You’ll get a quick lesson, learn the instructions, and then hit the trails. Apart from riding, Texas Trail Rides also offer various activities according to their website. These activities include fishing, ATV rides, skeet shooting and other activities some of which oriented toward children.

3. Tri-Star Farm

Tri-Star Farm’s horseback rides presents an opportunity to see the beauty of Texan hills and plains in their purest form. The picturesque equestrian ride will be the experience of a lifetime. Riding across the wilderness makes you feel like a true cowboy, even if it’s your first time riding a horse! Your instructors will guide you and teach you how to steer the horse like an experienced rider. The Farm is used to help children and handle their anxiety professionally, which makes Tri-Star a good spot for a family trip. Enjoying a refreshing ride along the river and through the forest is the best thing you can do to escape the urban life once in a while.

4. SunCrest Farm

Suncrest is actually a riding school with well-trained horses to ride while professional and friendly teachers guide you and instruct you. They work hard and enthusiastically about every single person coming here to learn how to ride and the friendly environment makes you want to never leave.  Overall, the establishment offers decent equestrian teaching and is a great place to attend to become an experienced horseback rider. It’s located in east Austin and close enough to the city for you to regularly visit.

5. Bee Caves Riding Center

This is an actually functioning ranch camp that offers a lot of fun, especially for kids. They teach riding skills while also looking out for the safety and comfort of both the rider and the horse. A popular spot for kids of all ages to experience ranch life and learn how to become a rider. Your children will probably return home sweaty, dirty, and smelling like a ranch but the fun memories they’ll tell you about for hours will make up for all the mess.