Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours in Virginia

1. Jordan Hollow Stables

One of the most professional horseback ride tour providers in the entire state. The horses are so calm, responsive, and well-trained that they completely calmed our first-timer nerves. The trails are so wooded and shadowy that it provides a comforting cool in the middle of summer. You’ll have a great time on your ride with your guides. They are really attentive, which is helpful to first-timers and kids who are usually very anxious of riding horses.

2. Secret Passage Ranch

The ranch is located in the heart of the mountains’ valley. It’s an incredible sight. The landscape is a lovely blend of farmland, forests, and mountains. The final stretch of the route to the ranch is similarly stunning, as it winds through the George Washington National Forest and along a gorgeous creek. The place is perfect for a family activity out in the nature. No prior experience is necessary, and participants of any age or experience level are welcome. It’s one of the rather highly rated horseback riding tours in the state.

3. Virginia Beach & Outer Banks Horseback

Outer Banks & Virginia Beach Horseback is a horseback riding business that specializes in guided beach rides. They’re really enthusiastic and passionate about horseback riding, combining this enthusiasm with a strict professionalism. They offer horseback tours on the beach and it’s something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. The staff tries to provide their customers with an unforgettable experience and memories.

4. Mountaintop Ranch Wilderness Trail Rides

Mountaintop Ranch Wilderness Trail Rides are located in Virginia’s Shenedoah Valley, and are surrounded on three sides by the National Park and Skyline Drive. They provide a ride for everyone with different degrees of experience, so don’t hesitate if you’re a first-timer! The horses are patient, sure-footed, and have great personalities and attitudes. The instructors are very helpful too. Overall, Mountaintop offers a great opportunity, especially for beginners.

5. Queen Hive Farm

From magnificent horses to goats and birds, the farm is full of surprises. They offer rides across open fields, as well as through the forest. All sorts of riders are well-suited to the horses, which are well-trained and easygoing. The guides are really helpful and compassionate. It’s an excellent experience to spend a day here, admiring the nature and binding with your horse! For what they offer, the pricing is absolutely reasonable. If you live close by or are visiting, it’s strongly suggested that you experience this, preferably with your family or friends!