Top 5 Hiking Trails in Indiana

Top 5 Hiking Trails in Indiana

  1. Shades State Park Trail

Shades State Park’s Trail is little more than two miles. On this walk, there is a waterfall, which is a nice addition. With a 380-foot elevation gain, this is a moderate trek. Going in the other way when hiking this trail is the greatest tip I can give you. You won’t have to climb a big flight of steps as a result of this. This is a difficult trek that should only be tried by individuals who have hiked before. Because the ravines may be extremely damp, my waterproof boots came in handy on our trek. Like the birds and bugs, the forest is enormous. For a peaceful trek, bring your binoculars and insect spray.

  1. Knobstone Hiking Trail

Indiana’s Knobstone Hiking Trail is the state’s longest hiking trail. This trail is designed for experienced hikers looking for a challenge. It’s over 40 miles long and gains 7,352 feet in elevation. You’ll need four days to complete the hike if you plan to hike the entire trail. This backcountry trail offers panoramic views of Southern Indiana and the Ohio River. Conquering several steep climbs with spectacular views of Clark State Forest and Jackson-Washington State Forest is another achievement. Mile markers will be placed along your route to help you figure out where you are on a map. Make sure you have a map with you, and check here for the most up-to-date information on road conditions and reroutes.

  1. Beech Trail

Another route that is located in a highly populated region yet offers hikers peace and quiet is the Beech Trail. This is a small hiking route that is just around a mile long. Bridges, animals, and a river are among the features of this short walk. Enjoy the views while walking along this route in Cool Creek Park. Look up towards the sky, as this is a fantastic track for birdwatchers. After you’ve completed your climb, visit Carmel’s downtown district to see the art scene. Several sculptures line the streets, making for unique views to observe as you wander through this picturesque neighborhood.

  1. Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes National Park is a relatively young national park in the United States. This is where you’ll find the Cowles Bog Trail. Throughout the year, thousands of people visit this 4.7-mile circuit. The months of May through October are ideal for trekking since the weather is typically nice. In 1965, the area’s rich plant diversity was declared as a National Natural Landmark, making it a highlight of this walk. The walk has ponds, marshes, black oaks, and beaches, among other things.

  1. Cardinal Greenways

Richmond, Indiana is home to the Cardinal Greenways’ South Trailhead. This trail system covers 62 miles from Richmond to Marion. With something for everyone, this is the state’s longest stretch of recreational trails. Even in the heat of summer, there is plenty of shade along the walk. Because of the 895 feet of elevation increase, the Greenways are graded as simple. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy this path because it is a quick way to get out of the city. I strongly encourage you to visit Richmond if you haven’t already. This lovely village is within a short drive from Indianapolis and provides a range of outdoor activities.