Top 5 Canoeing Spots in Ohio

1. Hinckley Lake

The Hinckley Reservation is a large park that surrounds a 90-acre lake in Hinckley Township. This is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day canoeing and exploring. The water is quiet and simple to maneuver, yet it’s large enough that you might spend an entire day canoeing around different places. Other activities in the area include rock climbing on the nearby cliffs, although boating and paddle sports on the lake are the most popular. The lake is also a popular place for fishing, as well as other aquatic and outdoor activities. All in all, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy paddling in nature.

2. Vermilion-Lorain Water Trail

The river starts in Brownhelm Township, near the Vermilion River Reservation’s shale cliffs, and runs for 27 miles. It runs all the way down to the Lake Erie shoreline, giving kayakers the option of paddling on the calm river or along the beach. According to the International Scale of River Difficulty, the river is rated suitable for beginner to intermediate paddlers and canoers. This scale assists paddlers in determining the difficulty level of their journey. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), this water path is suitable for beginners and amateurs. You may paddle the entire path or just a section of it from several various access locations along the river.

3. Hocking River

Hocking River is one of the most preferred canoeing locations in the state for a number of reasons. The green trees that arch over this rambling river provide a relaxing, cool day. During your canoe trip on this river, you can explore one of Ohio’s largest natural rock bridges which shuttles a seven-mile span. The area is perfect to do outdoor activities or just relax with your friends or family. The adjacent Hocking Hills State Park, probably Ohio’s most beautiful region, is one of the greatest things about the Hocking River. Also try to make it to the Old Man’s Cave, a beautiful valley with a succession of waterfalls, and the most famous waterfall in the area, Cedar Falls.

4. Cuyahoga River

It’s no surprise that the 100-mile-long Cuyahoga River in Cuyahoga Valley National Park is suggested on every paddling forum about Ohio’s paddling spots. According to the park’s website, the park service have recently improved the paddling infrastructure massively, making the spot an even more convenient place to go for a canoeing trip. The Cuyahoga River in the park functions as something of a pilot project to make the area a hotspot for outdoor and aquatic activities. The river and the park is publicly open, however you should be aware that the river is not suitable for beginner paddlers. It’s highly recommended to have someone experienced in your group and be extremely careful.

5. Mohican River

The 28-mile section along the Mohican River in central Ohio is the fourth ODNR water path to reach the list. The canal is categorized as being very tame in terms of rapids, which means the waters are tranquil and easy to navigate. It’s a great place to unwind and spend a couple of hours on the lake without exerting too much effort. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and tubing are all popular activities on the Mohican River. The river attracts much attention for its scenery and the outdoor opportunities it provides.